Who we are

Dapracare produces and offers a wide range of cosmetic grade raw materials. Its portfolio covers all major Personal Care applications, from Skin Care (Face, Body and Sun Care, Color cosmetic, Shower gel, Deodorant and Wet wipes) to Hair Care (Shampoos, Conditioner, Hair coloring & bleaching). Through Esterification and Polimerization technological platforms, the company has several R&D projects and products ready to be launched.

Our Group

Dapracare is part of Italmatch Chemicals is a Global Specialty Chemical Company serving 4 resilient end markets:

  • Performance Products & Personal Care
  • Advanced Water Solutions
  • Lubricant Performance Additives
  • Flame Retardants and Plastic Additives

Italmatch has Technology Leadership in Esters, Metallic Stearates, PEG and Polyglycerol Derivatives, Polyquaternium, Alcohols, Chlorides, Phosphorus based materials and Polymers.

A consistent high product quality is ensured by a team of experienced and skilled people, with particular focus on joint product and technical development with Customers/Partners. The wide market sectors already encompassed by Italmatch Chemicals are destined to expand even more thanks to its ambition of growth. The ability to combine the reliability of tradition with the opportunities offered by sustainable technology, implemented by an expert and dynamic management, results in Italmatch Chemical’s unparalleled creativity, competence and Customers Satisfaction. By focusing on today’s dynamic world of specialty chemicals and its expanding horizons, Italmatch Chemicals offers advanced and effective solutions.

We value our Partners and our People

In constant dialogue with the change and with a forward-looking vision, we believe and inspire our people to listen our partners, have an entrepreneurial mindset focusing on innovation, sustainability and vertical integration.